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TaxPro Income Tax Calc 2015


TaxPro Calc App Features1. TaxPro Calc app developed by India’s Pioneer Taxation Software Products Company “Chartered Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.” (CISPL)2. CISPL has given India its first Windows based Income Tax Computation software, first IT e-return software and keeping its lead, launching this first serious mobile app in India for Tax Professionals.
3. TaxPro Calc is equally useful and easy to use for Tax Professionals,Corporate Accounts Professionals, Banks as well as Novice Users.
4. Attempt has been made to keep User Interface (UI) simpler, intuitive yet more powerful.
5. There is no button to click like “Calculate”. UI has been designed torecalculate things as you go on changing AY, FY, type, status, or inputamount giving you natural “What-If” experience.
6. Much of the emphasis and keenness has gone in enhancing User Experience (UX).
7. Facility to Share the tax and other computation results with other users using SMS, WhatsApp, Bluetooth and any other available sharing option on your mobile phone or tablet.
8. Computation results may also be shared by taking and sharing screenshots.